Cristian De Santos Salazar

School Name : Elkhart Central High School

I currently am a senior at Elkhart Central High School. I aim to attend college and pursue a degree in Marketing. As a member of NHS, I hope to use my skills of leadership, confidence, problem-solving, teamwork, and good communication to achieve my goals. I love being able to help other people out with anything they need help with and going out and volunteering in my community. With a passion of learning new things, I am always open to new things and meeting new people. As a member of Startup Moxie, I have been given the opportunity to go out and meet people who have seen success in the business world. I hope to use what I have learned from those people to my advantage in the future. Things that always stuck with me are: family above anything, hard-work beats talent and to always be open to learn new things. I hope one day to share my success with my family.